How long did it take to put up the lights?

It takes 32 days, working 6-8 hours per day. We start October 1st.

How much does the display add to your Electric Bill?

Not as bad as you would think. Because all the lights are LED, it adds less than $50 to our electric bill for the 2 months the display is on.

How many lights are on the display?

We keep adding lights because of the lives that we continue to lose to Covid-19. We are close to one million lights and have over 3 miles of extension cords throughout the property.

Where do you store all these lights and yard decorations?

We have 8 individual storage bins on the side of the house measuring 4′ x 6′ x 6′ where the lights are packed up and kept year round.

Do you accept donations?

We don’t. Our charity is giving back to our Community and providing a place for people to come, with family and friends to enjoy the awe of the display, as well as pay their respects to “The Covid Memorial” by honoring all the lives lost represented in each light.

How long will you keep the lights on for?

We flip the switch every night from 6pm – 10pm, seven days a week. If it rains that day and everything is still wet, we wont turn them on. Unfortunately, we can’t afford water getting into the circuits and blowing out fuses. The last day to view the lights is on January 7, 2023

Can we see the lights LIVE from online?

We don’t have any streaming currently set up. We encourage everyone to come out and take it all in for themselves.

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